Supercharging Loyalty with Web3

An exclusive four-part interview series with Web3 thought leaders that explores the future of membership, loyalty and rewards.



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Topics we discuss:

Making reward programs more open and community-driven.
Understanding customers using clear methods that respect their privacy.
Giving customers easy access to the new internet (Web3) and more ownership.
Brands teaming up with other brands and their fans to make things together.
Using the new internet (Web3) makes loyalty programs easier and cheaper.
Growing loyalty systems easily using the new internet (Web3).

About the Conversations

Part 1: A look at Web3

Hosts Nick Casares and Alberto Mera open the series to explore how Web3 is redefining loyalty models and ushering in more personalized, engaging and collaborative experiences.

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Part 2: Personalized Web3 experiences

During this conversation, we delve into how Web3 offers a new path to customer data insights and discuss privacy-focused data analysis, transparent analytics, and the impact of more personalized marketing strategies.

Drew Beechler is the CEO and Co-Founder of Holder, a CRM and marketing automation platform for Web3 brands and creators. Prior to Holder, Drew led marketing at High Alpha, helping co-found and launch over 30 startups. Prior to High Alpha, he spent his early career at Salesforce and ExactTarget.

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Part 3: Seamless Web3 onboarding

This conversation centers on how digital asset ownership empowers customers to take control of their digital assets through a seamless onboarding experience. 

Toby Rush is a twenty-year industry veteran with extensive deep tech experience as a founder and an investor. He is CEO and co-founder of Redeem, a company unlocking Web3 for the world using phone numbers. Previously, Rush led the International Technology Investments Team for Ant Group, the payments subsidiary of Chinese tech giant Alibaba Group. Prior to that, he was CEO of ZOLOZ, an Alibaba digital identity platform. 

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Part 4: Brand collaboration with Web3

In this conversation, we cover how Web3 impacts marketing and partnerships. We delve into the potential for streamlined collaboration across brands and look at how Web3 communities are redefining brand co-creation.

Thomas Pan (TPan) is the Growth Lead at Pollen Labs, a product studio at Ethereum Foundation. He also advises Web3 projects and companies and is the founder of Web3 with TPan, a newsletter covering Growth and Marketing strategies and frameworks in Web3.

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